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Introducing TiONA® 288

TiONA® 288 is Cristal’s new super-efficient chloride process blue tone, rutile titanium dioxide pigment.

In the words of our customers

“Ticks every box”
TiONA® 288 performs exceptionally well across critical high-performance applications.

“Easier to process”
TiONA® 288’s effortless processability reduces energy usage and improves end product consistency.

“Bluer, brighter, cleaner”
TiONA® 288 delivers superior color against existing offerings.

“Increased production rates”
Thanks to TiONA® 288, production rates have been improved.

What it does

  • The ultimate high-end masterbatch solution
    The Cristal team explains the benefits of TiONA® 288
  • Increased efficiency, lower energy
    Superior and effortless dispersion
  • Increased efficiency, lower energy
    Easier processing without lubricants
  • Faster production, reduced costs
    Higher throughput with less energy
  • Standout performance in all areas
    Use less to achieve powerful results


We have a range of materials available detailing the benefits and applications of TiONA® 288.


Learn more about how TiONA® 288 improves performance and productivity across all areas of high-end plastics manufacturing.




Read all the detail on TiONA® 288’s key features, applications and properties.



Safety Datasheet

See TiONA® 288’s regulatory information and comprehensive health and safety guidance.



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